Riots Erupt in Ireland After Knife Attack by Suspected Immigrant Injures Three Children and Others

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Riots shook Ireland’s capital of Dublin on Thursday evening and early morning Friday after a Thursday night stabbing attack left five people, including three children and a school care assistant, wounded in central Dublin.

Between 200 and 300 people participated in the riots, setting fire to buses and police vehicles, and causing public transportation to shut down, according to NBC News.

The riots began after “misinformation” spread about the alleged attacker’s nationality, according to the New York Times.

Police said a suspect in his 40s and 50s was in custody but provided no other information about him.

The Irish outlet Gript Media identified the man as an Algerian national, saying he had arrived in the country “several decades ago.”

The knife attack occurred around 1:30 p.m. Fox News reported.

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