'RIP Twitter' trends after Elon Musk announces brand new CEO

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Following the announcement that Linda Taccarino will be taking over as Twitter CEO, “RIP Twitter” trended on the social media platform, noting previous comments she made.

When Elon Musk bought the platform and came on as CEO in fall 2022, he said he did not intend to stay CEO forever, but many who prioritize the value of free speech enjoyed his tensure as time when Twitter opened up to conservatives and contrarians of all stripes.

“‘RIP Twitter’ trends #1 after Elon announces he’s named Linda Yaccarino, Board Chair of the Ad Council and Chairman, Global Advertising and Partnerships of NBCUniversal, as the company’s new CEO. Fair, or unfair?” Asked Charlie Kirk.

Many noted that Yaccinaro appeared to have left-leaning tendencies, being seen at what appears to be the 2017 Women’s March in a “pussyhat” made popular during the women’s march protesting then-President Trump, and speaking about hiring quotas and other progressive ideology implemented at a previous position.

The fear is that Twitter will make a return to the bad old days when conservatives were squashed and anyone who disagreed with the ultra-progressive narrative was locked out, banned, suppressed or shadow-banned.

“Elon Musk confirms Linda Yaccarino as the new CEO of Twitter. She’s a WEF Social Justice Warrior seen here in her pink p*ssy hat. RIP Twitter,” said one account.

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