RNC Had Roving Attorneys Quietly Monitoring Maricopa Voting Centers, One Has Finally Released His Damning Finds: Report

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With the first round of counting over, and the battle just barely beginning, some preliminary shots are being fired in what is expected to be a bruising post-election struggle over which ballots should be counted in the race to become Arizona’s governor.

Media organizations have proclaimed Democrat Katie Hobbs the winner, although the gap between her and Republican Kari Lake is less than 20,000 votes, which means even in the best of times, a recount would be held.

But these are not the best of times. With trust in short supply and scars from the state’s battles over the 2020 election results still fresh, both sides are digging in, lawyering up and firing broadsides at the other before the recounting and lawsuits begin.

According to a report in Time, Lake’s campaign spent $2 million to monitor the counting of votes and to be prepared with lawsuits based on the facts when necessary. Time said 40 lawyers were in one central “war room” while roving attorneys monitor polling places and vote-counting operations.

“This is the most robust Election Day operation and post-election operation that Arizona has ever seen,” Brady Smith, the Lake campaign’s chief political strategist, said.

A glimpse at what the Lake campaign might use as fodder for its lawsuits was shared with The Western Journal in the form of a report from Mark Sonnenklar about what the roving attorneys saw on Election Day. The Western Journal has not independently verified the claims in this report.

Sonnenklar said 10 roving attorneys out of 16 responded to a survey he sent them, and that his report covers 115 voting places out of the 223 places in Maricopa County.

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