Robb Elementary School principal will return to work just days after being suspended

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On Monday, Robb Elementary School principal Mandy Gutierrez was suspended with pay following an investigation of her handling of the shooting that took place on her campus.

Just days later, Gutierrez was reinstated after pushing back against the narrative that she had acted in ways that allowed the gunman to commit his evil deed.

As FOX News reports, Uvalde CISD superintendent Hal Harrell wrote to Gutierrez informing her that after reading her letter, she would be getting her job back, effective July 28.

In the letter to the members of the special legislative investigation, Gutierrez ran through a number of points that had been brought against her, offering a defense for each.

Among them were the door to classroom 111, the WiFi at the school, and her failure to utilize the PA system to alert students of the attack, all of which were deemed by the investigation to amount to a “culture of complacency.”

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