Robby Starbuck forced out of Tennessee Congressional race by state Supreme Court

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Robert Starbuck has lost his struggle against the Republican Party in Tennessee.

Starbuck, a former candidate for Tennessee’s 5th congressional district, has been removed from the ballot following a decision from the state’s Supreme Court, vacating a lower court’s preliminary injunction.

Seeing no way to challenge the court’s findings or to fight the state’s GOP’s decision preventing him from running as a Republican, Starbuck believes his best chance for election is to run as a write-in candidate — something he intends to do.

“Unfortunately there’s not a higher court I can take it to. I can’t appeal this to the Supreme Court…the Republican party has contended that I’m not republican in their eyes,” Starbuck told The Post Millennial. “The only real option is to run a write-in campaign.”

When the Republican Party State Executive Committee concluded Starbuck did not meet the qualifications to run as a Republican candidate, Starbuck protested the decision. In a legal battle waged at the Davidson County Chancery Court, Starbuck contended his name had been improperly removed from consideration by way of a closed-door decision, running counter to the Tennessee Open Meetings Act or TOMA.

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