Russell Brand Causes MSNBC Host’s Live Meltdown After Calling Out Network’s ‘Disingenuous’ Critiques of Fox News

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Hollywood actor Russell Brand is unquestionably, unequivocally, without a doubt not a conservative, at least not in any traditional definition of the word.

The far left, with its utter lack of sensibilities, is trying its absolute hardest to turn Brand into one, however.

The outspoken British comedian and actor once again showed an astounding resistance to leftist propaganda and hogwash on Friday’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO, and in the process, completely set off an establishment media shill.

Brand still isn’t a conservative, but credit should be given where it’s due in this instance.

To wit, the occasionally lucid Maher was hosting quite the eclectic panel on his eponymous show, which included Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Brand, and MSNBC pundit John Heilemann.

The segment featuring Brand and Heilemann, specifically, turned out to be particularly eye-opening.

The entire segment began ominously enough for Heilemann when Maher and Brand began joking about the suppression of “dissent” — particularly when it came to challenging any hypothesis about the origins of COVID-19.

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