Russia Bans International LGBT Movement from Country

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Sometimes it seems the whole world is embracing the LGBT craze.

But it’s not true. China is moving against such immorality. Middle Eastern opposition is well known, coupled with resistance in Africa. And there’s been a chilly reception to LGBT trends in Latin America.

Russia’s supreme court just made that nation’s opposition official. On Thursday, it ruled that the “international LGBT public movement” is an extremist organization and banned it, The Washington Post reported.

So, no, the whole world is not raising the rainbow flag (or, more correctly, twisting a symbol of God’s faithfulness). Some people still understand the laws of nature.

If you heard a strange noise this week, it may have been the collective gasp of liberals responding to the Russian high court’s ruling.

“Absurd, extrajudicial, illegal,” exclaimed Russian LGBT journalist and activist Renat Davletgildeev. “I can’t fit it into my mind.”

A “parody” is how one Russian LGBT group described the court’s decision, calling it an “attempt by the state to humiliate LGBTQ+ people and recognize them as second-class citizens.”

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