Russian ally Belarus conducts military exercises near Polish border

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Belarus, a close ally to Russia, has begun military exercises on its border with Poland to practice fighting the “enemy and illegal armed formations” through September 14.  

The Daily Mail reports that the Belarusian defense ministry said they are practicing “liberating territory temporarily seized by enemy” and “ensuring forceful measures of martial law.”

Belarus has permitted Moscow to launch military campaigns, including firing missiles and troop deployment, in its territory. Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has maintained support for Russia throughout the tenure of the war.

The military exercises will take place in Brest, which is 6 miles from Poland and 20 miles from Ukraine. Exercises will also take place in Minsk and Vitebsk.

“Up to 7,500 military personnel, 260 armored vehicles and about 30 aircraft and helicopters will take part,” the Daily Mail reports.

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