Safety Mania: Charles Eisenstein Talks COVID Hysteria, Mob Dynamics, and How to Forge ‘Communities of Sanity’

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“Human beings are exquisitely attuned to reading the mood of the mob. It’s a survival mechanism,” says writer Charles Eisenstein. “In order to fit in, we instinctively adopt the correct opinions and profess those opinions. We signal the appropriate virtues. We respect the appropriate taboos that mark us as part of the in-group and not part of the sacrificial subclass.”

Eisenstein is the author of “The Coronation,” a collection of essays that explore the paradigms, dynamics, ideologies, and mythologies that predispose us toward narratives around safety and social control, especially in the age of COVID.

“This mania for safety, this obsession with risk minimization, and this worship of control actually never succeeds,” he says. “It always brings the opposite of what it intends. It brings less security. It brings less safety, it brings less health.”

We discuss ancient psychopathologies that have led to the current COVID hysteria and how we can forge what Eisenstein calls “new communities of sanity.”

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