‘Same Boat as Bud Light’: Popular Sunglasses Brand Gets Blasted for Bizarre New Advertisement

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Another rather ill-thought-out advertisement is placing yet another company under fire from angry customers.

This time, it is the turn of the sunglasses brand Oakley, which last week took to Instagram to post new advertisements. While these advertisements were not explicitly “woke,” they were bizarre enough to disgust many viewers.

The ads featured pictures of a naked man wearing Oakley sunglasses. One picture showed him riding a bicycle, another showed him sitting on a rock.

According to the New York Post, the man is Amaury Pierron, a French bicycling champion. While his genitalia are not visible, the ads otherwise leave little to the imagination.

Honestly, I just do not understand the point of this advertisement. I fail to see how showing a naked man wearing sunglasses tells customers anything about the special qualities of the product.

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