San Francisco requires gender identity lessons for elementary school students

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The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) has shared an LGBTQ Family and Gender Diversity teaching guide instructing elementary school teachers on how to explore the topic of gender with children as young as kindergarten, reports Fox News.

The guide, titled LGBTQ+ Family and Gender Diversity: Teaching Guide for Elementary Grades, informs teachers that parental notification is not required for lessons on gender diversity or when reading books with LGBTQ characters or plots. 

Teachers are also told that they must refer to “students by the gender pronoun and name that fits their gender identity” and well as providing “access to gender-neutral restrooms, dress code policies, and classroom practices” for children who identify as transgender. The guide recommends avoiding the use of gendered terms such as boys and girls in the classroom, instead suggesting the use of “y’all, folks, learners, or students.”

Even the term “preferred pronouns” is considered problematic, and teachers are advised not to use it because “pronouns are a powerful way to recognize self-determination and are not a ‘preference’.”

The document contains resources including books such as Who Are You? The Kids’ Guide to Gender Identity, recommended for grades 2 to 5. This is a book that teaches children still young enough to believe in Santa that adults simply guess the sex of a baby and introduces them to terms such as cisgender, genderqueer, non-binary and neutrois.

In Grade 5, there is even a lesson on “Trans People of Color.”

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