Sask mass murder suspect has decades-long criminal history, including stabbing friends with fork

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Parole board documents show that one of the two men who is wanted after a deadly stabbing spree in Saskatchewan that left ten dead has a two-decade-long criminal past.

According to the Parole Board of Canada’s documents from February, Myles Sanderson, one of the two men, used drugs regularly and said that hard alcohol would make him “lose (his) mind” and get angry.

“Your criminal history is very concerning, including the use of violence and weapons-related to your index offenses, and your history of domestic violence,” said the document obtained by the Canadian Press.

As of yet, the RCMP has not released an official motivation for why the stabbing spree occurred, though it is believed that some victims were targeted while others were random.

Sanderson’s brother Damien was the other suspect in the crime spree but was found dead on Monday morning with wounds considered to be not self-inflicted.

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