Satanists Unknowingly Reveal What’s in Store for Them with Opening-Ceremony Antics of ‘SatanCon’

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One supposes it was bound to happen: Just as geekery built up enough momentum to become cool and make Comic-Con a yearly Woodstock-like event for those who have strong opinions on Kirk vs. Picard or on which Doctor Who best piloted the TARDIS through time and space, Satan has enough footing in the United States that his followers felt the need for a SatanCon.

Just in case you needed another reason to stay away from Boston, The Satanic Temple threw itself a shindig there this weekend. Meant to mark the 10th anniversary of the Temple, the event went viral after speakers tore up the Bible on stage, rent a “Thin Blue Line” flag in protest of the police, and held seminars on “self-pleasure” and “reclaiming the trans body,” according to Fox News.

In case you’re unfamiliar with The Satanic Temple, it claims to be a purely atheistic legal troll organization which just happens to have a preoccupation with the Prince of Darkness, who its members swear doesn’t really exist. Which is why they held a convention with his name on it. Because he’s non-existent. Right.

If you’ve heard of the group, it’s usually because it’s filed a lawsuit against some municipality or another, bending the First Amendment’s religious protections into a form none of the Founding Fathers would have endorsed.

Most recently, it made news by declaring abortion a sacrament of the non-theistic church and suing Indiana for violating its rights with the state’s abortion ban, arguing that the church’s tenets that “one’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.” Of course, if the Temple were purely atheistic, that just makes those words an opinion, not a holy writ.

But again, The Satanic Temple members swear Satan is non-existent and just being used in an allegorical sense. Which is why they needed to do this at the opening ceremony of this weekend’s SatanCon:

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