SAVANAH HERNANDEZ: Antifa hunted me down for reporting on their violence

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This past Tuesday, Charlie Kirk held a speech at UC Davis and Antifa was out in full force, breaking windows, harassing students and shutting down anyone recording these actions in the name of “anti-fascism.” My reporting on their illegal activities ended up with me being hunted by the mob for the act of expressing my constitutional right to report on public events. 

As a reporter for TPUSA, I was on the ground to document the events of the night, with anger surrounding Kirk starting days prior. The Sacramento Bee had spread a slanderous lie that Kirk had called for the “lynching” of the trans community. The Bee has since retracted their statement and issued an apology due to the lie. 

However, the mob had their mind set on Kirk being a “fascist” and began gathering two hours prior to the event. It was immediately clear that they were not there to protest peacefully. Within the first hour, they blocked off a bike lane, causing a back-up of students trying to bike through, they pepper sprayed a man who pushed back against their blocking of the area and they began blocking anyone trying to gain access to the event.

As the night went on their actions became more and more violent. A line of attendees waiting to get inside the building were descended upon by the mob and pushed around. Multiple entrances were blocked and the extremists ended up breaking all of the windows to one of the entrances.

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