SAVANAH HERNANDEZ REPORTS: Border crossers seeking asylum given court date to appear as far off as 2027

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On the eve of Title 42 dropping, Turning Point USA and Post Millennial contributor Savanah Hernandez spoke with Laura Ingraham about the scene in the border town of El Paso, Texas.

“I just want to paint a picture for the people at home of what the city streets of El Paso currently look like. Now, behind me is actually a very cleaned-up version of what’s been allowed to prosper on the streets of El Paso over the past couple of weeks,” Hernandez told Ingraham.

“You’ve had hundreds of people sleeping in the streets, the streets reek of urine, there’s human feces, there were piles of trash. Just this morning the city of El Paso brought environmental services to come and clean a lot of this up, of course ahead of the expiration of Title 42.”

Hernandez said she spoke with volunteers in front of Sacred Heart Catholic Church where the cleanup occurred, with the volunteers saying “that this is the first time that the city actually conducted a sweep and cleaned up the migrant camps for the first time since the migrants had come here to El Paso.”

“It’s a complete humanitarian crisis,” Hernandez added.

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