School district trains teachers to 'dismantle' systems of 'heteronormativity'

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Christopher Rufo, perhaps best known for exposing the excesses of critical race theory and gender ideology in public school curricula, tweeted on Wednesday that he uncovered a teacher training program from the San Diego Unified School District that infuses radical gender theory and other social justice belief systems into their curriculum.

“The district has gone all-in on radical gender theory,” tweeted Rufo, along with a screenshot from the teaching materials that define the “gender binary” as a social construct that oppresses and excludes “trans, nonbinary, intersex, and gender-nonconforming people.”

The educational materials claim that sex is “assigned at birth” rather than observed and recorded, implying that an arbitrary decision was made by a doctor. This plants the idea in children’s heads that being a girl or a boy has nothing to do with biology, and is instead all about how one feels. Instead of teaching the biological reality of distinct sex categories, male and female, the San Diego Unified School District has opted for radical gender pseusdoscience.

“According to the district, the gender binary has resulted in a system of ‘heteronormativity’ that distributes ‘heterosexual and cisgender privilege’—the sexual analog of ‘white privilege’—that ‘results in institutional power’ for straight white men,” tweeted Rufo, paraphrasing from the screenshots of the curriculum.

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