School slapped with lawsuit after keeping children's 'gender identity' secret from parents

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Last Tuesday, two sets of parents filed a lawsuit against a Massachusetts school system over “gender identity policies” which allowed their kids to explore their gender identities without parents being informed of their status.

They allege that the Superintendent of Ludlow Public Schools, along with the principal, and school counselor of Baird Middle School, facilitated a secretive environment that separated them from this knowledge.

When the teacher of one of the students did inform parents about what was going on the middle school principal placed her on leave. The former superintendent at one point publicly accused the parents’ concerns “amounted to ‘intolerance of LGBTQ people thinly veiled’ behind a ‘camouflage of parental rights.'”

Parents Stephen Foote and Marissa Silvestri alleged in the lawsuit that the Ludlow Public School system encouraged their son to adopt a new name and gender pronouns. A second set of parents, Jonathan Feliciano and Sandra Salmeron, say school policies of withholding information about their children’s gender identities violates religious rights, and their rights as parents, according to Fox News.

The suit was prepared and filed for the families by the Massachusetts Family Institute and Campaign for Parent and Child Rights.

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