Schumer’s Fears Come True: Tucker’s Jan. 6 Videos Draw Ratings That Blow Competitors Out of the Water

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This is what Chuck Schumer was afraid of.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s reports this week showing previously unseen footage of the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion turned out to shatter more than just the establishment media’s narrative of that day’s events.

They shattered the world of television ratings, too.

On Monday, the day of Carlson’s first report on more than 40,000 hours of Capitol surveillance video released by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” drew just shy of 3.7 million viewers, according to Mediaite. (The outlet covers the political media with a decidedly leftist spin, but these numbers were unspinnable.)

That put the lightning-rod Fox host at No. 1 in the ratings for the day — well ahead of his 8 p.m. “competition” on liberal networks MSNBC and CNN. At MSNBC, “All in with Chris Hayes” landed about 1.2 million viewers, according to Mediaite, while CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” drew a paltry 582,000.

Carlson’s report was a frontal assault on the narrative pushed by President Joe Biden and his Democratic Party that the incursion was an actual “insurrection” against the government of the United States. And it poked holes in key elements of the progressive propaganda surrounding the incident.

In response, Schumer used his position as Senate majority leader to issue a brazen appeal to Fox from the Senate floor to keep Carlson off the air on Tuesday night, when a follow-up report was coming.

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