SCOTUS Conservative Majority Could Be Taken Away, And It Wouldn’t Even Require Expanding the Court

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Left-wing activists masquerading as judicial reform advocates are trying to dilute the conservative majority of the U.S. Supreme Court by using the pretext of stricter “ethics codes” to force recusals.

The net result could be eroding the power of the current 6-3 Republican-appointed majority without expanding the court — a radical move many liberals have been pushing to make the court swing left.

The guidelines in the “Model Code of Conduct for U.S. Supreme Court Justices” could have forced Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from cases involving the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol incursion because his wife, Ginni, had advocated for the 2020 election to not be certified because she believed the results were marred by fraud.

The 27-page document was compiled by the left-wing Lawyers Defending American Democracy and the Project on Government Oversight, a government watchdog that self-identifies as nonpartisan but takes money from liberal donors.

The proposed guidelines would expand the code of conduct that applies to Supreme Court justices to include their spouses and other family members.

“In addition to the existing prohibition on a judge’s participation in political activity, our proposed code of conduct calls for Justices to refrain from participating in activities that would cast doubt on their impartiality, including appearing before organizations with partisan or ideological agendas,” they say under the heading “Prohibited Conduct.”

“Finally, it would recognize that certain conduct by a spouse or other close family members of a Justice would require that Justice to recuse.”

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