Second grader penalized for talking to classmates about Jesus: report

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Parents of a second-grade student are accusing school officials of repeatedly penalizing their daughter for talking about religion during recess.

According to a release by Christina Compagnone, an Associate Counsel with the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), staff at the North Hill Elementary School in Des Moines, Washington, repeatedly penalizing the student for talking with her classmates about Jesus on the playground, which included sending her to the principal’s office “…no less than 10 times” since the beginning of 2022.

Compagnone said, “We were astonished when we were first contacted by a second-grade student’s parents who said their little girl had been sent to the principal’s office at North Hill Elementary School no less than 10 times since January 1st for witnessing to classmates on the playground.”

She added that “Not only were they scolding her for talking about Jesus to her classmates outside of instruction time, but they were stopping her at the entrance to the school every morning to inspect her backpack and remove any Christian tracts!”

According to the release, “When asked why their daughter had been sent to the principal’s office over 10 times while on the playground, the principal stated that their daughter asking her classmates if they wanted to talk about Jesus upset parents. The principal did, however, agree that their child can continue to talk about Jesus as long as the other students consent to the conversation.”

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