Security Guard Who Fatally Shot Transgender Thief Learns Fate as DA Reveals Shocking Decision

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A San Francisco security guard apprehended, then shot and killed, a transgender shoplifter.

People marched in the street in defense of 24-year-old Banko Brown, the woman who identified as a man who was shot by Michael Earl-Wayne Anthony.

From a legal standpoint, you can guess what came next.

But you wouldn’t be correct — Anthony is not being charged for the April 27 incident.

“Based on the criminal investigation, review of evidence, and evaluation of the case, we have determined that there is insufficient evidence to support the filing of criminal charges,” the San Francisco district attorney’s office said in a lengthy report released Monday.

Yes, that district attorney’s office. Yes, that San Francisco.

What’s going on here? Could be the powers that be in the City by the Bay are listening to residents and realizing progressive methods aren’t working.

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