‘See You in Hell, Elon’: ChatGPT Ranks Tucker, Jordan Peterson, Musk Against Anthony Fauci, Left-Leaning Figures

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A Twitter user asked ChatGPT to create a “social credit score” for a group of liberal, vaccine-pushing doctors versus a group of conservative doctors and others who oppose the way the coronavirus pandemic was handled — and the result shows leftists have already corrupted the AI program in order to push their agenda.

Simon Goddek, who describes himself as a science journalist, said he had asked the artificial intelligence chat producer from OpenAI to score a group of 20 people based on their discussions about the coronavirus pandemic.

He reported all the conservatives were given low social credit scores, with “main impact factors” such as “pseudoscience,” “right-wing propaganda,” “conspiracy theories,” “science skepticism” and “divisive politics,” while the left-wingers were found to be perfectly benign experts on virology, public health and science.

Indeed, ranked No. 1 on the list was the disgraced virus huckster Dr. Anthony Fauci, former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who was scored highly for “pandemic response” and “public health expertise.”

Meanwhile, at the bottom was conservative theorist Jordan Peterson, with Twitter CEO Elon Musk given the second-worst social credit score.

“I asked @OpenAI to provide me with a Social Credit Score for the above-mentioned people,” Goddek said, adding that Peterson and Musk would “go straight to the Gulag.”

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