Senate Democrats Turn Against Biden Over China Move: ‘The President Got This One Wrong’

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Several Democratic senators have announced that they are willing to force President Joe Biden to veto a resolution reinstating tariffs on countries linked to the Chinese solar panel industry.

The resolution — whose companion in the House recently advanced through the Ways and Means Committee with one Democratic vote — would repeal the president’s moratorium on solar tariffs to four southeast Asian nations, where a Commerce Department investigation found many Chinese solar companies were assembling their products to dodge U.S. tariffs on their products.

Democratic senators that have come out in support of the resolution include Sens. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Ron Wyden of Oregon and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, according to The Washington Post.

“I’ve fought my whole career to stand up for Ohio manufacturers and Ohio workers when they’re forced to compete with cheap, unfairly subsidized imports — I’m not going to stop now,” said Brown, who went on to argue that the Chinese government would “do anything” to kill the nascent U.S. solar industry in a statement Wednesday.

“The president got this one wrong. I’ve always stood up to presidents of both parties to fight for fair trade and a level playing field for Ohio workers, which is why I will support Congressional action to end the Administration’s waiver of solar tariffs.”

Biden has announced that he will veto the resolution if it is passed, but supporters of the moratorium have expressed concern that Republicans may attach the bill to must-pass legislation to force Democrats to repeatedly take difficult votes, according to The Post, citing an anonymous House Democratic aide.

Republicans could secure 60 votes in the Senate, gaining the support of at least 11 Senate Democrats, according to The Post.

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