Senator to announce FAUCI Act to prevent corruption in government officials

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Following his clash with Dr. Anthony Fauci last week in a Senate hearing, Sen. Roger Marshall plans to introduce a bill named after the doctor, relating to the financial records of administration officials like Fauci.

According to The Hill, Marshall will be introducing the Financial Accountability for Uniquely Compensated Individuals (FAUCI) Act, following the heated exchange with the Biden administration’s top COVID-19 expert after he said the doctor’s financial records were not easily accessible to the public.

“The FAUCI Act would require the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) website to provide the financial records of administration officials like Fauci and a list of those in the government whose financial records are not public,” The Hill reported.

During the Senate hearing earlier this week, Marshall pressed Fauci about if he would be willing to submit a financial disclosure that includes both past and current investments, reflecting similar requirements for other government figures.

“I don’t understand why you’re asking me that question. My financial disclosure is public knowledge and has been so for the last 37 years or so,” Fauci responded.

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