Senators Furious After Learning Biden Admin Is Paying a Massive Daily Fee to NOT Build Border Wall

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President Joe Biden and his administration have been spending $130,000 a day to apply the unused material for the border wall and finish the project.

No, wait. What’s that?

The Biden administration is spending $130,000 a day to … store the unused material for the border wall and never finish the project?

If that makes absolutely zero sense to you, you wouldn’t be alone in feeling that way.

In fact, a slew of Republican senators, spearheaded by Mississippi’s Roger Wicker, are demanding answers as to why nearly $50 million a year is being wasted to store these border wall materials.

In a scathing letter dated Wednesday, Wicker and 13 other GOP senators asked Melissa Dalton, the assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense and hemispheric affairs, why six figures a day are being wasted on material storage.

They laid out the issue as clearly as possible in the opening paragraph of the letter:

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