Senior Citizens from Biden’s Own Hometown Turning on Him – They Know Exactly What Happens with Age: Report

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There is an old adage in sports that “Father Time is undefeated.”

For those unfamiliar with sports ball, the phrase essentially points to the inevitable aging and atrophying of physical skills for professional athletes as they get older.

But just as time and age often catch up to a pro athlete in his late 30s, so too does it come for everyday Americans as their age begins to creep from septuagenarian to octogenarian.

In other words: Time and age undoubtedly will catch up (or have caught up) with 80-year-old Joe Biden — and he’s being called out about it by people who are all too familiar with that very same passage of time.

According to The Messenger, President Biden is struggling to drum up unified support from the senior citizens in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, due to a litany of factors, including his age.

The Messenger spoke to several older residents of the majority-Democrat city and found that support was anything but unanimous for the incumbent president.

Ike Mielo, 82, voted for Biden in 2020.

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