Seth Dillon SLAMS censorship of satire: 'If the popular narrative is off limits, then comedy itself is off limits'

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Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon addressed the crowd at Turning Point USA’s Amfest on Monday, stating that there is an “all-out war on reality, reason, and truth” in today’s society.

“So what can you hope to learn today from an expert online troll? Probably not very much. But I do have a wealth of experience in at least one area that I think is relevant to everyone here at the moment. I’m talking about my experience with absurdity,” said Dillon.

“As the CEO of a comedy site that’s been repeatedly fact-checked, smeared, and censored, and that’s seen nearly 100 of its jokes come true as if they were prophecies rather than punch lines, I think I have a somewhat unique perspective on the insanity that’s resulted from our culture’s all-out war on reality, reason, and truth,” he added.

Dillon continued on to say that this was not a “hyperbole,” and that “I just think we’ve become so accustomed to the madness that we’re losing sight of it.”

“We need to resist that tendency. I think we need to continually remind ourselves that the craziness around us is not normal or good or deserving of acceptance. It must be consciously and consistently resisted.”

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