'Sexual activist' teacher makes students share gender identity, sexual orientation as part of 'identity' lessons

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Tahoma High School English and World Culture Through Film teacher Hilary Ledford gave her students an assignment that required them to provide answers about their gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, religion, and class status.

According to the parental rights group Tahoma Parents, “Hilary Ledford has been giving her students assignments that require them to divulge their religion, gender identity, and sexual preference while simultaneously creating a ‘sexual activist’ type environment in her class.”

In an Instagram story, Ledford wrote, “If I told you one of my lessons caused a deranged parent to email district admin, school admin, the school board, AND post about me on social media, would you believe me?”

According to the Tahoma parents website, “Ledford’s social media is actively followed by her students.”

“Videos and photos submitted to us show unprofessional relationships with students, off-topic classroom signage, promotion of controversial ideological values, public thoughts of suicide, and more,” the post reads. “This display is extremely concerning considering she posts videos of her students and their content.”

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