She’s Back: Biden Pulls Pelosi Out of Mothballs For New Role Attacking Trump

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Former House Speaker and Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California has been unofficially deputized by the Biden campaign to battle against former President Donald Trump on Biden’s behalf.

A Tuesday report from Reuters states that Pelosi is being weaponized as a surrogate to battle Trump over the future of the Affordable Care Act — better known as Obamacare.

The concept, as explained by Reuters, is that the Biden campaign will begin a series of attacks under the umbrella of “Trump’s America in 2025” with the goal of convincing Americans that Trump is a threat to their interests, particularly in regards to healthcare.

The report said that this follows concerns by Democrats that Biden has focused too heavily on the theme of “Bidenomics” as a way to tout what he believes are his achievements on the economy.

“The Affordable Care Act and all its transformational benefits will be on the ballot,” Pelosi said, per Reuters.

“The American people will need to know that if Donald Trump wins next year, he’s coming for your health care,” she added.

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