SHOCKING: American families line up on tarmacs for baby formula amid Biden supply crisis

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Mother Emily Gendig and her family waited on a tarmac late last month in hopes to find baby formula for her infant child, describing the shortages as a “big panic” and a “terrifying feeling.”

According to, Gendig is the mother of a 7 month old with a dairy allergy who waited on an Indianapolis tarmac to receive a special brand of Nestle formula.

She noted in an interview with MSNBC that she “can’t just supplement with anything” and could only use one specific brand.

“It is a big panic because we just don’t know, Because she has that dairy allergy, we can’t just supplement with anything, and she can’t tolerate Similac, so we can only buy that one brand, and one type for her or she doesn’t sleep and she’s in excruciating pain. So it’s a battle and it’s a terrifying feeling to know that you can’t find it,” she said.

The infant requires a specific mix of both breast milk and formula, but the family has struggled to keep the formula on hand, with both parents, who travel across central Indiana for their jobs, searching endlessly in their travels for it.

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