Shocking footage of Antifa-linked firebomb attack of police training center in Atlanta

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Video has unveiled Sunday’s attack on the future site of an Atlanta police training facility, showing extremists throwing rocks and fireworks at police officers as they set fire to construction equipment at the site.

At around 5:30 pm on Sunday, a large group of extremists, many of which wore masks and black bloc, descended upon the construction site of the future Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, setting fire to construction equipment and attacking police officers.

Surveillance footage from the Atlanta Police Department showed officers standing in the construction site as the group of extremists marched towards them from the woods. As the large group entered the site, police officers were forced to pull back as smoke was seen in the air.

The large group, some of whom were seen with homemade shields, closed the gate to the construction site and barricaded it, and began throwing fireworks and a barrage of rocks at the officers, who were stationed across the street. One of the fireworks was seen sparking a fire in the grass nearby, which spread throughout the span of the video.

The group overturned a UTV as well as portable toilets, setting both the UTV and a front loader construction vehicle ablaze. Another fire was seen burning in the background, though it is currently unclear what was set on fire.

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