‘Sick and Upset’ Vegan Brutally Mocked After Sending Threatening Letter to Neighbor

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A family in Australia has officially been put on blast over a pair of letters — one decidedly more threatening than the other — they had left for their neighbors.

Local Facebook page Hey Perth posted both of these letters for all to see, and the reaction was a decidedly mocking and dismissive tone.

The first post, which was put up on May 5, shows a letter that was left for “Kylie from Burns Beach” by an agitated family.

“Hello neighbour,” the letter begins. “Could you please shut your side window when cooking please. My family are vegan (we eat only plant based foods) and the smell of the meat you cook makes us feel sick and upset.

“We would appreciate your understanding. Thanks.”

The letter was signed by “Sarah, Wayne & kids.”

The comments responding to that first letter were none too kind.

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