‘SNL’ Alum Unleashes on ‘Disgusting’ Bernie Sanders, ‘Moron’ AOC

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Well, you can’t accuse former “Saturday Night Live” alum Jon Lovitz of mincing his words.

In an interview with Fox News, Lovitz excoriated prominent leftist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and said several members of the so-called “squad” of progressive members in the House of Representatives had engaged in outright anti-Semitism.

Lovitz, who is Jewish himself, called Sanders “disgusting” and a “self-loathing Jew” and mocked his self-identification as a Democratic Socialist.

“That’s like asking me, ‘Are you Christian?’ ‘No, no, I’m a Jew for Jesus.’ Well, that’s what it is,” Lovitz said in the interview, published Wednesday.

“You know the difference between a communist and a Democratic Socialist?” Lovitz added.

“A Democratic Socialist is somebody you vote for, and then they take all your money and give back what they think you need. A communist — they just appoint themselves. There’s no election and they do the exact same thing. That’s the only difference.”

He also had a good laugh over the fact that the soi-disant “Democratic Socialist” also owned three houses in spite of his modest salary (for someone with three properties, anyway), $174,000 a year.

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