Someone Noticed What Was Placed in Front of the Bidens at DC Restaurant and People Think It’s a Real Problem

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Listen, in the grand scheme of things, there will be much worse, much more damning things to criticize the current President of the United States for.

In fact, there already is quite a bit to scorch Joe Biden with/for, from the general state of East Palestine, Ohio, to the ongoing price of groceries — and that doesn’t even include his international headaches.

Those are very serious allegations worth blasting Biden for, but there will be ample time to skewer the president over these issues from now until the 2024 general election (assuming Biden even opts to run for re-election.)

Today, though? Today is to question the proper couple etiquette and eating habits of the Bidens, both Joe and Jill.

The president and his wife, as they are wont to do, garnered all sorts of attention when the two were spotted out at dinner at a local Washington, D.C., Italian eatery, Red Hen (No, not that one) last month.

According to multiple outlets who felt compelled to cover this, such as People magazine and The Washington Post, the Biden’s ordered two glasses of wine, a chicory salad, fancy bread (“with cultured butter,” because heaven forbid they use regular butter) and two bowls of rigatoni with sausage.

It’s the pair of pasta bowls that apparently drew swift condemnation and critique from the internet.

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