Stanford University offers entire course on Taylor Swift's song 'All Too Well'

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Stanford University, a school with an annual tuition of $56,169, is offering their students a class focused on the Taylor Swift song “All Too Well (Ten Week Version)” in their Winter 2023 quarter.

According to Stanford’s website, the class is an “An in depth analysis” of the Swift song and is part of the school’s larger Italic 99 coursework, which are “topics taught by alumni of the program and examples of the “hands-on learning and have included topics such as travel sketching, watercolor, music composition, improv acting, animation, and digital art, among many others!”

Rolling Stone reports it is a “50-minute weekly class” although the course website reads “Thursday” in the singular. The class is taught by an undergraduate student, Nona Hungate.

Other classes in the Italic 99 program include Joining Hands: Practice in International Folk Dance and Listening to Music Like Your Life Depended on It.

Last year, Stanford developed the “Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative” which was designed to replace certain words and phrases in the popular vernacular with approved alternatives. The label “American” was a word they suggested needed to be changed and they suggested “US citizen” as a substitute.

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