Star Actor Stands Up for Decency: He’s ‘Not a Fan’ of ‘Overused’ Sex Scenes

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One of the first movies that I watched that was a genuine “experience” was the 1984 sci-fi/horror movie “The Terminator.”

It was the first movie that scared me to my core (The titular Terminator dragging its severed top half to kill the protagonist is a recurring nightmare of mine) and was the first R-rated movie I had ever seen. And no, I wasn’t 17 years old when I watched it.

WARNING: Mild spoilers for a nearly 40-year-old movie: The film was also my first experience with a nude sex scene in a movie.

Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor and Michael Biehn’s Kyle Reese share an intimate scene as they’re trying to hide from Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s Terminator about midway through the seminal film.

And even I at age [redacted] found that scene weird, misplaced and unnecessary as it only served to create a paradox in the narrative (Reese was sent to the past to protect Connor by Connor’s son — a freedom fighter combating Terminators — from the future. And yes, Reese is the father of that son).

Sure, that paradox may have been the point, but the weird time-hopping family tree aspect of “The Terminator” is literally the weakest plot point of the franchise — and remember, this is a movie franchise that habitually incorporates the notoriously finicky aspects of time travel.

Which brings us to 2024, and star actor Henry Cavill sharing shockingly similar thoughts with my [redacted]-year-old version of me.

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