State Lawmakers Set for a 93% Pay Raise That Nobody Voted For

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State legislators in Kansas are highlighting one of the biggest reasons so many people dislike politicians after it was revealed they are getting a whopping 93 percent pay raise.

Whatever the justification for this humongous pay increase, whether there is a good reason for it or not, Kansans are simply not going to view a 93 percent salary boost for their elected officials as anything other than an outrage and a prime example of arrogant government waste.

Starting on Jan. 1, 2025, the base pay rate for Kansas lawmakers will go from $21,000 a year to $43,000, according to the Kansas Reflector. This rises to $57,000 when the usual amenities and reimbursement for expenses, and other emoluments are applied.

Not bad for a part-time job.

It also doesn’t help that the pay raise plan was a bipartisan proposal that came from a commission assembled to review the pay rates that Kansas legislators were paid. The commission made some Kansas voters feel that the fix was in all along.

After the group’s deliberations, Mark Hutton, the chairman of the Legislative Compensation Commission — himself a former Republican member of the state House — recommended that the state give lawmakers a $21,000 base pay raise, according to the Reflector.

The commission made up of Hutton and eight former members of the Legislature voted unanimously to recommend the taxpayer-funded pay raise.

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