Stephen King Gets Destroyed by Dan Bongino After Trying to Own Him for Leaving Fox News

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Horror novel writer Stephen King tried to post a zinger at busy conservative talk show host Dan Bongino in the wake of the conservative host’s departure from Fox News. But it did not go so well for the “Pet Sematary” writer.

On Monday, King jumped to his Twitter account to take a swipe at Bongino, writing “And you’re out of job at Fox. Biden still has his,” after Bongino posted a message blasting Biden as the “WORST president in history.”

King, of course, is talking about the fact that Bongino announced late last month that he and Fox News could not agree on a contract, so he was leaving his cable TV gig. Even with the show ending, the conservative personality warned fans not to read some conspiracy into the situation.

The popular talk show host said, “And I want you to know, it’s not some big conspiracy. I promise you. There’s no acrimony. This wasn’t some WWE brawl that happened.”

He added, “We just couldn’t come to terms on an extension.”

Still, Bongino wasn’t going to sit idly by and let the Stephen King take jabs at him.

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