Strange Dust Coats Cars Across Several States as Odd Smell Permeates the Air

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Residents of multiple states were baffled Thursday as dust coated vehicles and, in Connecticut, an unusual smell was noticeable.

With nerves on edge due to the train derailment and subsequent chemical burn-off in East Palestine, Ohio, that led to multiple claims of illnesses from whatever was in the air, the question was no laughing matter.

“WHAT IS FALLING FROM THE CLEAR SKY? I’ve just been informed from West Virginia to Carroll County MD there seems to be White ASH falling,” meteorologist Justin Berk posted Thursday on Facebook as the hunt for an explanation began.

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection said in a Friday release it was taking seriously reports of “dust across multiple counties in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle.”

“The WVDEP received reports late Thursday night about the dust and mobilized inspectors to the area to collect samples and identify potential sources. No obvious sources have been identified at this time,” the release said.

It turned out that the mysterious substance was hand-me-down dust from farther west.

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