Student, 11, Confronts School Board by Reading Them ‘Pornographic’ Book from Library

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What if you, as a parent, were to find your 6th grader reading a book about two kids who drink alcohol and sexually experiment with one another? You’d be outraged, and rightly so.

But let’s go a step further: What if you discovered the book had been loaned to your child by his school’s library — and that the librarian said that if he enjoyed it, they could recommend more books like it to him?

In yet another example of why using the term “groomer” on those who push the LGBT agenda on children isn’t a misnomer, parents in Windham, Maine, are furious after an 11-year-old boy and his father confronted the local school board over “Nick and Charlie” — and illustrated “romance” (maybe not quite the correct word), which contains graphic passages and is, apparently, freely available to whoever wants to check it out.

According to local conservative outlet the Maine Wire, Knox Zajac went viral in February after reading passages from the tome during a school board meeting.

“The story begins with two early teen boys stealing wine from their parents and proceeding to experiment sexually with one another,” Maine Wire reported.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language that some viewers will find offensive.

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