Student Tries to Explain His ‘White Privilege’ to Woman, Doesn’t Realize She Actually Has Her Head on Straight

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A college student tried and failed to defend a claim that he had benefited from “white privilege” during a recent interview with a Turning Point USA reporter.

Despite his best efforts, the young man failed to adequately explain his position. He actually appeared to walk away from the exchange with more confidence in himself.

The student, who attends the University of Texas in Austin, saw his worldview come unspooled in a matter of moments last week after he was challenged by reporter Savanah Hernandez, the Post Millenial reported.

The student opened the interview claiming he had been the beneficiary of things in life, having been born with light skin pigmentation.

There was one problem: He was incapable of explaining white privilege and how he supposedly got a leg up on the rest of the world by winning some sort of racial lottery.

“I grew up as a white man, and you’re the exact opposite, you know?” the student explained to Hernandez during the interview. “My experiences are gonna be different from yours.”

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