Students Raise $270K for 80-Year-Old Janitor to Retire After He Had to Rejoin Workforce

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The students of one Texas high school have stepped up to ensure that their school’s janitor receives the retirement he deserves.

Some students at Callisburg High School in northern Texas were saddened to see that an elderly man had come out of retirement to fill the role of the school’s janitor in January, according to KXII-TV.

Many students recognized that it wasn’t right that an 80-year-old man had to perform arduous labor because he couldn’t afford to be retired anymore.

One TikTok video was ultimately vital in making the cause of Mr. James’ retirement a reality, according to KXII.

Mr. James dutifully cleaned the school hallways in the video, with the uploader explaining that a landlord has raised the senior’s rent — forcing him out of retirement.

Callisburg senior Greyson Thurman created a GoFundMe fundraiser to provide Mr. James with the financial stability he needs for a real retirement.

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