Study blames climate change for children eating too much and not exercising enough

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The talk show CBS Mornings cited a study on Saturday that correlated the growing trend of American obesity to climate change, as increased heat, the study says, is making children stay indoors, consume more calories, and embrace a sedentary lifestyle.

“The study published in journal Temperature found today’s children are 30 percent less aerobically fit than their parents were at their age,” the CBS host said. “Fewer children are reaching the World Health Organization’s recommendation of 60 minutes of exercise a day.”

In the study from Temperature, Shawnda A. Morrison argued that rising temperatures have caused children to stay indoors, grow inactive, and eat more. Her work focused on “heat stress assessment” and makes the point that it’s more dangerous and less fun to be active if it’s extremely hot outside.

However, the author conflates metrics from the Covid-19 shutdowns that led to increased obesity in some regions as evidence for her assertions.

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