Target Already Feeling Major Financial Pain as Conservative Backlash Intensifies

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Target investors are feeling the financial strain of the company’s decision to prominently feature LGBT “pride” month products — some for children and some designed by a transgender satanist — at the front of its stores.

The company has nearly $10 billion in market value over the last week since it faced a consumer backlash for its promotion.

Many shoppers have expressed outrage over the company’s LGBT propaganda and are boycotting.

A look at the company’s stock price shows Target has suffered financially over the last week.

On May 17, shares of the company traded at roughly $160. By Thursday afternoon, the same shares were trading at about $138.

That brought the big box giant’s total value from $74.3 billion to $64 billion — or just under $10 billion — in just one week.

The S&P 500 has been down about 1 percent during the same time, but that is nowhere near the 13.8 percent loss Target gas seen.

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