Taylor Swift May Not Make it to the Super Bowl, And Travis Kelce’s Comments Might Have Just Confirmed it

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If you’re one of those football fans who gets mildly irked at the number of redundant cutaways to Taylor Swift every time the Kansas City Chiefs are playing and Travis Kelce catches an out route for four yards on first down, Sunday may be your lucky day.

For the rest of the media — which have been building up Super Bowl LVIII as the Travis-and-Taylor show — Kelce may have just dropped an anvil on their collective heads.

The assumption, of course, was always that Swift would be there, right? Heaven knows she’s made every game she could, and Super Bowl LVIII — which could potentially give the Chiefs their third championship in six years and their second over 49ers squads coached by Kyle Shanahan — is the biggest game of her boyfriend’s career.

However, Swift has a day job — a much higher-profile day job than Kelce’s, it’s worth noting. She’s in the midst of the Eras Tour, arguably the biggest concert tour event in decades, which doesn’t wrap up until December of this year.

And therein lies the rain on the media parade involving all things Travis and Taylor — since, as the tight end told the media, being an international pop star comes with certain obligations and hurdles in faraway places.

“When asked if Swift — who is performing in Tokyo, Japan, this week as part of the international leg of her Eras Tour — had given Kelce a Super Bowl ‘pep talk,’ the Chiefs tight end offered a curious response,” the New York Post reported.

“She’s just working on entertaining them, making sure she’s ready for her performances and everything, but the Super Bowl, we’ll worry about if she can make it,” he said.

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