Taylor Swift’s Perverted Christianity – Sodomy Is Good, Protecting Babies Is Awful

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America’s founding principle of freedom of religion has led progressives to believe that religion is to be freely interpreted by anyone and everyone to suit their own desires. Liberals have taken advantage of that fact to degrade religion — in particular Christianity — to the point of rendering it unrecognizable.

Taylor Swift — one of the most famous entertainers in the world — is a perfect example of the progressive push to bend the will of God into any shape of their choosing. Hubris is alive and well in American culture and Swift aims to perpetuate it.

Swift talks about her turn to politics and religion in Netflix’s documentary “Miss Americana,” according to CBN. She makes it clear that in her mind being a Christian and touting progressive ideals somehow cohere.

The fact that the two are wildly contradictory doesn’t bother Swift in the slightest.

According to CBN, Swift has been expressing her views about political candidates since Donald Trump got elected to the presidency. Not only that, she’s been gearing her music to promote an LGBT agenda.

Swift’s single, “You Need to Calm Down,” is nothing less than a tribute to the LGBT community and an admonishment to those who disagree with the lifestyle.

In an excerpt from the documentary, Swift also voices her disgust with Tennessee GOP Senator Marsha Blackburn‘s Christian beliefs and policies.

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