Teacher Fired After Testing 3x Legal Alcohol Limit Despite Not Drinking, Then Doctors Figure Out the Problem

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A former teacher, who suffers from a condition in which his body produces alcohol, left the profession behind after he was pulled over and arrested for drunk driving twice in the span of two years.

The incidents followed a career in education during which Mark Mongiardo, a father and husband, was told he smelled of alcohol in spite of the fact he had not consumed a drop.

Mongiardo, who now resides in Estero, Florida, and works for the retailer Target, told WABC he suffers from Auto-Brewery Syndrome, which is also known as ABS.

In a story about the rare condition, the New York City ABC affiliate chronicled multiple people who suffer from ABS and one doctor who is on a mission to help them.

Mongiardo said he first noticed symptoms when he was a high school teacher in New Jersey in 2006. His colleagues would complain about the smell of alcohol.

“I would never [drink on the job],” he told WABC. “I’m a teacher.”

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