Ted Cruz Goes Berserk on Rude Reporter During News Conference at Border: ‘Do You Know Anything?’

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Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas ripped a reporter to shreds on Thursday as the border crisis was about to hit another gear with the expiration of Title 42 and as illegal immigrants were primed to enter the country at unsustainable levels.

The border crisis is, of course, now a historic catastrophe while President Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas do nothing to curtail it.

Biden could have extended the pandemic-era rule that blocked non-citizens from making asylum claims.

At any point over the past two years, Biden could have ended the crisis by telling the international community in no uncertain terms that those who encroach into this sovereign country will be removed.

Instead, people are coming over in hordes and some of them are citing the expiration of Title 42 as the reason they are here.

Case in point:

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