Ted Lasso actor demands gender neutral acting awards

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On Thursday, Ted Lasso actor Toheeb Jimoh announced the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) Film nominations with actress Hayley Atwell and took the opportunity to say that in the future acting award categories should be genderless.

“I mean, I don’t really understand why they are separate. I used to have this conversation with my friends when I was younger. I think, of course, if it makes people feel more included then absolutely.”

Jimoh said, “like, how do you compare Viola Davis’s work to Cate Blanchett’s work, and so, like, by that same token, how do you compare Viola Davis’s work to, you know, Michael Ward’s, or to anyone? I think it’s really hard to compare actors to each other. So the fact that they’re split gender wise doesn’t really make sense to me.” 

“Existing like this has to be utterly exhausting,” one user wrote on Twitter.

Another wrote, “That’s gone so well with the music awards – men won everything.”

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