Teens charged with 'anti-white' hate crimes following attack on New York City bus

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Earlier this month, 57-year-old Jill LeCroix was ambushed by three black teenagers on a New York City bus in what she claimed was an “anti-white” attack.

On Tuesday, two of the teens were arrested and charged with assault and aggravated harassment, both of which were classified as hate crimes. The third member of the group remains at large.

As the New York Post reports, LeCroix was attacked on July 9 while riding a southbound Q53 bus near Jamaica Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard.

She alleged that the teens, one of whom had bright green hair, approached and began berating her with anti-white slurs, with one of them saying she “hates white people, the way they talk, hates white skin, the way their skin cracks.”

Along with the fact she was white, LeCroix said she was called out for supporting Trump.

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